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About Us

May 17, 2011


FatGuyRadioShow birthed from the mind of fat guy personality Cory Blaze, along with his executive producer Phillipious. FatGuyRadioShow is a weekly comedy talk show covering everything from life, pop culture news, and celebrity interviews; all from the perspective of a fat guy. The show serves the purpose of entertaining everyone skinny to fat, young to old, man to woman. This ain’t no self help show by any means. If you take life too seriously it will suck!

FatGuyRadioShow began in the summer of 2011 when one fat guy, Cory Blaze, approached his friend and co-worker Phillipious with the idea of starting an internet radio show. Neither guy having extensive experience in broadcast, a video production company BDB Productions, took the chance in producing FatGuyRadioShow. With the shows wildly successful reach a new network was born. The show is now the flagship program for the new BDB Radio Network.

Since its maiden voyage May 25, 2011 it has successfully stamped its mark on the world of internet radio/podcasting. Growing the show through social media and word of mouth, FGRS has grown to over 250,000 downloads and heard in 79 different countries. It continues to grow through the ongoing support of listeners continuously spreading the word about FatGuyRadioShow.

“I will kill over behind this microphone I love doing this so much”, Cory Blaze host of FatGuyRadioShow. The shows battle cry is “skinny people, fat people already know their fat, so stop reminding us”. Facebook: 
fatguyradioshow Twitter: @fatguyradioshow Personality: Disordered


Cory Blaze, host of FatGuyRadioShow… yes the fat guy! This outspoken-will say anything man, will do his best to get you to see his way. His trembling kindness could smoother a potato in milky brown gravy. Cory has been in the world of entertainment for over 30 years. He started being a clown at the ripe age of 2 years old. There was never a dole moment when Cory was in the room. As a child Cory was often told to “hush up, grown folks are talking”. So the gift of talking was a birthright. He comes from a family of professionals and business owners. His mother, affectionately known on the show as “moma Blaze” is a college professional and his father is a business owner. His siblings make up lawyers, accountants, and insurance brokers. Cory… a fat podcast host and a continued disappointment to his overly educated family members. But they love him instead.

Cory began to cut his entertaining teeth in school, acting in plays, auditioning for commercials, and playing in a band. He started in the church, where he did it all and continues to this day.

Cory is part of a local indie film making company, works with BDB Productions on video/production projects, volunteers for local non-profit agencies, loves his four stolen children, and has a full time day job. All on top of hosting FatGuyRadioShow. He doesn’t sleep often according to some reports. You will often hear Cory say the shows battle cry “skinny people, fat people already know their fat, so stop reminding us”

Facebook: Cory Blaze Twitter: @cory_phx Personality: ALL


Phillipious, executive producer of FatGuyRadioShow, the youngest member of the crew. Being the good friend of host Cory Blaze, Phillipious takes on the role of controlling the host, maintaining production quality, and keeping the show moving. Not an easy task when you weigh in at 130lbs and the host is a fat guy. He accents the show with his one word, commanding instructions, and is guaranteed to piss Cory off before the end of the hour. This young smooth Latin boy keeps the show grounded, but can roll the show into tailspin. Twitter: @phillipious Personality: Dry