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Cottonball Windchime

Meet uncle V. Family shenanigans. Fan fest excitement. Rioting is useless. Sand in Americas vajay jay. The best gift moment ever and fall down fun times. Presented by Target.


Uber Fat Guy Moment

Facebook name drama. Orly finishes Stranger Things and Cory eats his emotions. An apology. Return of BOTY, America Eff Yeah and Trailer Talk. Plus much much more. Presented by Target


Nick Cannons Canon

Epic rave out on elderly drivers. No call no show. Netflix Stranger Things. Birthday recap. Creepy garage monitor. No news Lip. AGT chat and more. Presented by Target


Baboon Butt

Sitcom laughter. Return of Jake. Cory at the grocery store. Secret tapes of Argentina lady. Vape shop let down. FB Question of the week and more. Presented by Target


Hickey Teeth

Deadly hickeys. Guest interview mom Kim from Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. Show crashed. Movies. Kiss of Death. Going Facebook official and more. Presented by Target

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Up The Surf Shop Boy

Olry gets called out. Cory's a man, some what. Kids at the movies. TNTs Animal Kingdom talk. Return of Trailer Talk and B.O.T.Y. #BetterPOTUSCanidates. Presented by Target


Poo Si Slayer

Marijuana news. You killed my cat! Burger King at it again. Ed Sheeran sued. Macy closes doors. School food. FB Question. New friends while shopping and more. Presented by Target


AC Garage Fail

Political diversion. Cory's life affirming new AZ. Orly's wisdom teeth. The neighborhood morns the dead cat. Social media changes and more. Presented by Amazon Back to School Deals