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Prince Remembered

Robo calls. The lost of a legend, Prince remembered. Orlys family excursion. Potty training. Poop on the floor. Trailer Talk. Cory see The Jungle Book and more. Presented by the Bravo Tip or Pay app

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Smart Enough for Movies

Hittn on all cylinders! Nothing argument. Movie nuances. Double D guest host. No birthday birthday. GSW upstaged Kobe? Cat In the Hat romance. Kiss clue and more. Presented by Starz on Amazon


Double Fisting Ajax

Olry gets taken at the auto mechanic. Producer frostbite. Corys misplanned weekend and bathroom fail. Ear hair. Proper cute kid video. Janet Jacksons prego? And more. Presented by Starz on Amazon Prime.


Burth-day Burrito

Producer Burth-day! Orlys family wedding issues. Burger King scrambles. Lamar Odom. Cell phone gun. Corys new Kevin Hart impersonation and more. Presented by HaloCigs



New nominee page. No more political coverage please. Sad Grandpa, true story. Cory's the GIF giver. Chipotle again. Kat Williams vs teen. Ghostbusters bust and more. Presented by HaloCigs


Hands Off My Gluten Obama

Mail sack. Plastic patty's. Birthday plans. Orlys never forget birthday. Rhymes with dirty. Homework is misery. Sausage Party trailer. Weird twins and more. Presented by HaloCigs


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All Emojis Matter

Burger Kings new wiener. New Halo promo. We are CORLY! Arizona not a spring break mecca. Kim's a tramp. Erin Andrews will be ok. Black emojis and more craziness. Presented by HaloCigs