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Memories thru Music

Music takes you back to moments in time. This all music special episode walks you through some of the musical memories of host Cory Blaze. Presented by the new Amazon Echo.

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AfterBurn Episode 9

Explicit. NSFW. The ess gets real. We continue with our special reunion show guest, DTay and Jake Woods. Late into the night, talking uncensored and un-sponsored. Hear us raw.

Swipe Ripe

Surprise the boys are back. The trifecta of past host, DTay, Jake Woods, and Lil D.Jake takes over almost, Pantsless old man. Taco Bell delivers. Presented by AmazonPrime Day

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Yearning on You

Tortillas. Hate letters. Independence Day. Donald Trump steps in it. Holiday plans. Cory won't apologize. Enough Caitlyn Jenner. Good vibes to Ants fam and LGBTQ blind justice. Presented by Amazon. 

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Special guest Rich Ricardo phones. Cory's dad screws up Fathers Day. Janet Jackson new album. Happy Birthday attempt. Jurassic World rating and more. Presented by HaloCigs

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Heatlamp Hamburger

Shark attack diversion. Cory's old folks breakfast. Walmart fight. AZ heat wave. NY escaped inmates. Mr. President misses mark with Charleston, SC massacre. Presented by Amazon. 

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Enema of My Life

Meet the lobby dudechicks. Cory and Ant play kamikaze food. Outside graduation. Web series event. Facebook questions. BDB Tech support. Vanity Fair and more. Presented by Amazon.

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Cow on Bread

Panic Hunger attack! Fuller House. Cher keeping it tight. Halo hook up. Cory's little guy goes into high school. Alumi acknowledgment. Five years of FatGuy. Presented by Amazon.

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