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Wow What OMG

New game, Cory's garage. Show crasher lil D. Tranny porn oopsy. Jobs vs social media. Flash! I Am Cait ratings. Burger Kings letter to McDonalds and more. Presented by Amazon 

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Cry O Gram Wagon

Taco Bell taste test. Kings Of Comedy, underrated best movie ever. Word that rhymes with maggot. Ashley Maddison site. Cory, a minister? Mailing Potatoes and onions. Presented by Shop Amazon Launchpad - Explore new and inspired products from startups

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Dookey Knots

Annual Disneyland pass. Remembering Robin Williams. Stop it, McDonalds then all hell breaks loose. Debbie Downers suck. Live tweeting and Cory cries. All presented by Shop Amazon - Back to School

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Mail sack. Life passion test. Lips McDonalds lie. Cory makes the Trump turn. Baby wasn't named right. WTH is Cory tweeting returns. Presented by Amazon Prime, Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial 

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Fergie and Jesus

Cox Communications gets renamed. DTay rocks it. Difficult relationship talk with Lady K. Cell phone lease game exposed. Wrong Brown died and more. Presented by Amazon Prime. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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Memories thru Music

Music takes you back to moments in time. This all music special episode walks you through some of the musical memories of host Cory Blaze. Presented by the new Amazon Echo.

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AfterBurn Episode 9

Explicit. NSFW. The ess gets real. We continue with our special reunion show guest, DTay and Jake Woods. Late into the night, talking uncensored and un-sponsored. Hear us raw.

Swipe Ripe

Surprise the boys are back. The trifecta of past host, DTay, Jake Woods, and Lil D.Jake takes over almost, Pantsless old man. Taco Bell delivers. Presented by AmazonPrime Day

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