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A seance to reach the late Cory Blaze. Lays chips Do Us a Flavor taste test. The wonderful world of healthcare. Viral 20 second Judge Judy case and more fun and thrills. Presented by the Vapor Dynasty Expo 

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Ten Percent Not My Fault

Low attendance funeral. Guess who made himself ill? Corporate America waste the big guys time. The Pope is here. Jimmy Kimmel performance miss match. Presented by Amazon. 

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AfterBurn Ep 10

Explicit. NSFW. Cory, his little brother Lil D and DTay roll on. Lil D reveals a possible marriage ending confession. How deep did DTay go and Cory's love life is brought into question. The most revealing AfterBurn ever.

Malcolm World War Z

Rev Big Afro introductions. Cory's little brother and DTay sit in. It's Friday! The celebrity theatre. Cory takes on the new guy. Lil D can't finish. A side splitting fun show. Presented by Amazon 

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Buzz Yourself

September 11 tribute. Protect the underbelly. Lip delivers on avoiding Cory for Labor Day. Freeway shootings with unanswered questions. Drunk shopping at Target and english lessons. Presented by Amazon 

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Price of Paper

Phone addiction quiz. We're ADD. Lips levels and a Cory meltdown. Never talk over Gavin! Survived police encounter. Labor Day avoidance. Vape break.Concert giveaway and more. Presented by AmazonSupport Miracles for Heroes.

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Wow What OMG

New game, Cory's garage. Show crasher lil D. Tranny porn oopsy. Jobs vs social media. Flash! I Am Cait ratings. Burger Kings letter to McDonalds and more. Presented by Amazon 

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Cry O Gram Wagon

Taco Bell taste test. Kings Of Comedy, underrated best movie ever. Word that rhymes with maggot. Ashley Maddison site. Cory, a minister? Mailing Potatoes and onions. Presented by Shop Amazon Launchpad - Explore new and inspired products from startups

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